SIPPIN' (2014)

by Team Best

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all liquor – no mixer
vodka on the rocks – its my elixir
my holy scripture – and i'm praying
that all you crazy broads are gunna hear what I am saying
(WHAT YOU SAYIN' RICEY?) - these girls are so wacked
acting like a bunch of kids – these children need smacked
I'll just kick back and sip my drannnnk
aint gunna break no nails for no lame ass skank
I stay classy – just let the drama go past me
point all these “divas” to the curb – they actin' trashy
but even still I kinda love it from a distance
cant get enough of all the drama i'm addicted
to all their twisted, scandalous bullshit
all you can eat drama buffet – i'm feeling so sick
I need some medicine - I got the right prescription
bitches be trippin' so this bitch be sippin' on that
vodka on the rocks

hens be cluckin' – hens be cluckin'
these chickens love to talk about whos cock they gunna be suckin
wake up – can't remember nothin'
gotta check their texts to find out who they spent the night fuckin'
you mean you didn't know? You really didn't know?
That dude you like balloon – he has a girl fo sho'
but you can keep a secret – no need to tell your friends
just post a selfie in his bed up on your instagram
dammmmmmn – how'd you get so cold?
Livin' that frozen life – girl, you gotta let it go
a classic ho – you got all of the features
turnt so loud your lookin' like a blown out speaker
but you acting like your pussy's full of MSG
even though that hole is probably full of STD's
bad decisions – all these sluts got an addiction
bitches be trippin' so this bitch be sippin' on that
vodka on the rocks

all liquor – no mixer
vodka on the rocks – its my elixir
feeling van gogh – let me paint a picture
dont need a shot - don't need a glass - give me a pitcher
before I stab a bitch – stab her in the throat
mouth fillin up with blood - let the bitch choke
bout to stab a bitch dead with every knife in my kitchen
bitches be trippin so this bitch be sippin on that
vodka on the rocks


released September 7, 2014
Written, Recorded & Produced by Team Best

A Nevada House & Bad Idea Collective Production.



all rights reserved


Team Best Pennsylvania

TEAM BEST is the Hip-Hop superduo of rookie emcee J. RICEY & long time underachiever SIKES! For fans of Fart Jokes, Titties and Low Bass Frequencies.

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